Quickly Deleting Duplicate Blank Lines

[James Dyer] : Jun 03, 2023 : 165 words
emacs linux 🏷️ emacs 2023
20230603114025-emacs--Quickly-Deleting-Duplicate-Lines.jpg I am currently hacking around with my org files and in fact macro removing quite a few unnecessary lines. However this has had the side effect of leaving some significant holes in the form of blank lines. Sometimes just two duplicate blank lines and sometimes more!

I found that I can quickly trim them down by using delete-duplicate-lines and making sure the identical lines must be adjacent argument is set by passing in a C-u C-u prefix.

So the process is:

  • open the org file
  • mark-whole-buffer
  • C-u C-u delete-duplicate-lines

and that’s it!, the key here is the prefix argument otherwise all the blank lines will be deleted which is not what I want.

Of course this method would delete all duplicate adjacent lines and not just the blank ones so I guess you would generally need to be a little careful, but I know I don’t have any of these and if I am not too sure then I can just inspect a git diff.