No Bell For Me

[James Dyer] : Aug 17, 2023 : 102 words
emacs linux 🏷️ scrolling emacs 2023

Now I have set (pixel-scroll-precision-mode 1) which comes with emacs 29 this has led to an unexpected issue in that I now often get the following messages which cause a bell sound to be generated each time:

pixel-scroll-precision-scroll-up-page: Beginning of buffer [22 times]
pixel-scroll-precision-scroll-down-page: End of buffer [54 times]

I had turned to (setq visible-bell t) in the past but this generates an annoying flash each time rather than an annoying bell sound.

There is a solution to this of course and that is (setq ring-bell-function 'ignore) in that we are silent when a visual bell is rung, ah pure bliss 🙂🔔