Reverting Buffers

[James Dyer] : Aug 21, 2023 : 128 words
emacs linux 🏷️ emacs 2023

It is not uncommon for me to want to revert my current buffer.

For a long while I have used (find-alternate-file) which by default is bound to C-x C-v

Recently I switched to mapping this keybinding to revert-buffer but now I have found out about:

(revert-buffer-quick &optional AUTO-SAVE)

Like ‘revert-buffer’, but asks for less confirmation.
If the current buffer is visiting a file, and the buffer is not
modified, no confirmation is required.

It is bound to C-x x g and has the added benefit of not always asking for confirmation!

I will try and add this new command to my muscle memory but shall I just unbind my old revert-buffer key-mapping or rebind C-x C-v to this new function also?, in other words should I fully commit?