Tidying up Dired Further

[James Dyer] : Nov 03, 2022 : 142 words
emacs linux 🏷️ emacs dired 2022

Something is still bugging me with my dired tidy up and I think it is wanting to add the ability to remove dot files.

I am currently using the Dolphin file manager on linux and by default I tend not to show the dot files for a cleaner output, generally the only dot file of course I really care about are the emacs ones and I know where they are!

With some hunting around I copy pasted the following and it works perfectly:

;; hide dotfiles and firefox.tmp
;; Toggle Hidden Files in Emacs dired with C-x M-o
(setq dired-omit-files
 (concat dired-omit-files "\\|^\\..+$\\|firefox.tmp$"))

;; dired omit
(add-hook 'dired-mode-hook (lambda () (dired-omit-mode 1)))

I just now need to muscle memorise the key combination to toggle enable them again, hence:

C-x M-o

(dired-omit-mode &optional ARG)

Toggle omission of uninteresting files in Dired (Dired-Omit mode).