Trimming Text With Macros

[James Dyer] : Sep 25, 2022 : 439 words
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I am having a bet!, it is one of my few vices, and it shall be on the horses. I don’t often have a bet and in fact I generally only ever have a bet on a special occasion, like the grand national or a random parallel bet with my dad.

Today is a parallel bet, yesterday my dad won over £650 and I have decided to leverage his expert equine knowledge to have a little flutter. But wait, I’m not going to do that, I am going to leverage my old javascript horse racing prediction program, the algorithm of which was based on something I wrote on my Amstrad CPC in the mid 80s.

Now what has all this twaddle got to do with emacs I hear you say?, well my javascript program requires a very specific format of horse data and it is in fact a very simple one: number form horsename

My general aim in the past was to pretty much find a website displaying horse data for the chosen race and copy and paste into a web text input field which my javascript would parse and perform its magic.

SportingLife looks like a good one (top of my startpage search). The data though of course is in the wrong order and there is a lot of it for each horse.

My first thought with all these things is how can emacs help me out with this? Well a paste into the scratch buffer gives me something like this:

Horse silk
Saratoga Goldb27
Age: 4|  Weight: 10-2| J: Owen Lewis(5)| T: C Hills| OR:  85| CD
Has taken his form up a notch
Form: 556811|Timeform
Horse silk
Sword Beachb24
Age: 5|  Weight: 9-13| J: George Bass| T: A King| OR:  82
Dual Windsor scorer in 2021
Form: 71165-0|Timeform

I think the best way to approach this is to open a new window along side the scratch buffer and use this as my formatted output window, I will just create a random blank new file for now called tmp.txt

Then using a macro I can search around extracting each piece of relevant data for each horse and then just copy to the right hand pane.

Once I have a procedure that works for a single horse then I can just end the macro and then C-x e repeat the last keyboard macro and then spam e until all the horses are parsed.

At which point I can copy the text from tmp.txt, paste into the html text input and press Find Winner, lets see if my old algorithm still holds up!