Guide to Creating an Advent Calendar

[James Dyer] : Oct 18, 2023 : 308 words
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Here are the steps to create a new advent calendar.


Get the latest template from:


Copy into a new directory of the named convention:


get images

Get the calendar door images using a ratio of screenshot dimensions 600:420, for example in wayland Win-S-s:

slurp -a 600:420 -d | grim -g - ~/DCIM/Screenshots/$(date +'%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S.jpg')

Put each image into the img subfolder.

resize images

The images will be of the correct ratio but not necessary the correct 600:420 size so scale up using Upscayl in batch mode.

Now set all image thumbnails to the following size.

PictureScale performs a straightforward resize

If for some reason the image is not of the correct ratio then PictureCrop can be used to get the middle portion to the correct ratio and then resize.

For all images in img run PictureCorrect to convert to jpg and to truncate the names.

import images

Open the template kra file in Krita and drag and drop all image files into new layers.

Using the move tool with moving content move all images under the transparent doors.

Import the background image and tweak the calendar to taste.


In Krita create a front and back layer and export to jpg images.


To print open up the front and back images into GIMP as Krita currently doesn’t support printing and increase the contrast and brightness using: Filter->Adjust->Colour Adjustment Curves

Print using the following settings:


Now the A3+ images typically on photo paper have been printed out then first cut out the windows with a crafting knife.

Now apply a prit stick glue to the back of the cut out front windows and apply it to the back image

Trim the edges using a guillotine and stick the edges together using cello-tape.