Hugo No Carriage Return After Frame

[James Dyer] : Sep 01, 2022 : 313 words
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I am currently polishing up my web page and I am now focussing on the little annoying formatting / alignment issues.

One of these is involving a default shortcode called {< youtube >}

(Note: I deliberately missed off second brace as I am writing this in org!)

Anyways, I have the following markdown:

{< youtube IDK-4lhQ-sE >}

A gradual fading version of a portrait I did for my girlfriends

Using ArtRage and Infinite Painter on various drawing tablets

which produces the following displayed html:

Note how the text starts right after the youtube video even though the markdown includes a carriage return.

So the first potential fix is to add a <br> just after the shortcode, which in fact does work, however there is one catch. The markdown file is just one of hundreds I have generated from my youtube channel. If I add this then I will have to apply it to all videos.

I maintain a list of my youtube videos in a single org file and technically it probably wouldn’t be too difficult to emacs macro / grep / replace my way through it, however I don’t like this idea too much as I don’t really want to be mixing html with a markdown file.

So on to plan B.

With a little investigation I can see that the video is embedded in an iframe. This presents the possibility of a quick and dirty fix that may have repercussions down the line.

Lets add in a little css:

iframe {
    padding: 0rem 0rem 1rem 0rem;
    margin: 0rem 0rem 0rem 0rem;

I have just applied a little padding to the bottom of the iframe! I thought I would include margin also just in case I wanted to do it that way in the future. Right lets see what this looks like now:

yup that will do nicely!

for now…