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[James Dyer] : Sep 02, 2022 : 328 words
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linux--hugo-text-title-tidying__linux_hugo.jpg Currently I am just displaying the title of my posts with no filtering. Now that I have developed a general format to help with some emacs Deft categorisation I have run into a little bit of a problem.

For example a typical title format is the following:

Linux ---> Hugo_Format_Title[tag@subtag-art]

and the hugo rendered html of course displays this on a card list and on a single page. I would like to remove the Linux ---> part and the tag part to optimise the space taken up by the title.

I am simply just using:

{{ .Title) }}

which gives the full title.

I want to utilise hugo functions to trim off the front up to the first -> and to remove the tag part including the closing brackets.

replaceRE seems perfect for this to search and replace using regular expressions, so lets give this a go:

{{ replaceRE "^.*->|\\[.*\\]" "" .Title }}

this gives me:


the only issue I had was to figure out how to escape the bracket character, usually in a regex it is just one backslash, but unfortunately that gave a parse error. But this can be solved by a double backslash.

Note the use of the pipe character to remove both the prepend with the tags and the removal takes place by defining a replacement string of empty double quotes.

But there is a final thing left to do which I had completely forgotten about, to really tidy up the title I would like to replace the underscores with spaces. I can’t add in another piped OR command as the replacement string has to be a single space and not deleting the text.

The solution is to create a compound nested statement, as thus:

{{ replaceRE "_" " " (replaceRE "^.*->|\\[.*\\]" "" .Title) }}

so the output string of the original substitution can be fed into another occurrence of replaceRE

So the final title is

Hugo Format Title

This is much neater!